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Our team of professionals roofers Cheltenham are experienced and qualified, you can rest assured that they will get the job done right the first, every time !

That is one of the reasons we have a 100% satisfaction rates from our clients, we never cut corners or compromise on quality

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We know that a roofing problem can happen at any time and this is why we offer an emergency roofing call out service,If there is a leak at night and you are worried about how you are going get the issue solved you need to call max Roofing Services now on

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Here, our roofers are not just professionals, they are experienced professionals, that you can trust.


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Max roofing is more than just another roofing company.

the leading roofing company cheltenham We put you the customer first, to us our customers are more than just “The Money” The Customer is our #1 priority.

Whether it’s a major roofing emergency, cracked tile or a small hole that needs to be patched, we are here for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, We will make sure that your family doesn’t have to suffer through a roofing emergency alone

We will be with you every step of the way, the first step will be to find the root cause of the problem and then we will make sure that our professional team are on site as quickly as possible, If you have any question our team will be happy to answer them

Once we have found the problem our experienced team will let you know what the cost will be and then they work as quickly and safely to solve the issue, every job is backed up by our satisfaction guarantee, it doesn’t get better than us for Cheltenham Roofing Companies

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 Roof Installation

A large number of Cheltenham roofers will offer small roofing repair services , such as patching a hole in the roof, or replacing the odd cracked roofing tile or a few other minor repairs, A new roof installation should only be under taken by experienced and well trained professionals like max roofing


When the team at Max Roofing installs a roof , we work with every single home owner or land lord to discuss the different styles and roofing systems available, Our team has a vast amount of knowledge on roofing systems and can help you choose what one is the best fit for both your budget and the style of your home , This help ensure that you just don’t get a new roof on your house but you a quality roof that will add value and safety to your current home , a new roof installed by professionals that you will be proud of !


When you hire a roofers in Cheltenham, you need a company that has experience in in flat roofs, Fiber glass roofing systems and tile/slate roofs . With our team you can rest assured that every man that shows up on the job will have the experience necessary to make sure that you get the roof you want at a price that you can afford.


Our pricing structure is very clear and transparent and we will always discuss price before started any work, We are by no means the cheapest roofers in Cheltenham however our prices reflect the quality of the materials we use (we never use cheap materials to save money) and our team are experts and master crafts man in the roofing industry and will never cut corners to keep to non-realistic budget , We believe we offer second to none customer service, industry leading materials and first class workmanship at affordable prices, A new roof or large roof repair is an investment for the value of your home and the safety and well being of your loved ones ,

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Roof Repair Cheltenham

Having a damaged roof due to storms, bad weather and wear and tear is more than just a huge inconvenience, it causes a huge amount of stress and worry for all the family and can disrupt your daily life, A cracked roof tile can let rainwater flooding into your home, and naturally we run and grab  make shift buckets to catch the downpour, while this take cares of the water once its dripped down from the roof , it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem and the leaking may appear to have stopped but more often than not the leaking water will still working its way around your home , running across roof beams and down walls where the naked eye cannot see , leading to damp, mould and bad smells as well as causing rot to building materials and comprising the safety of your home, something nobody should have to worry about,

When you hire our team “Cheltenham Roofing Company” we have both the experience and knowledge to fix the problem and investigate what the cause of the issue is,

We will also carry out a full inspection to check for any problems that have not been discovered yet and to make sure there are no nasty issues likely to arise in the near future,

If you have a roof in need of repair or roofing problem please call us now for a free a free quote and unbiased advice

After that, you’ll receive an estimate, and then it’s time to repair the roof.

This can all be done quickly and efficiently to get you back to your life, and to get those random buckets off the floor, as soon as possible.

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