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At Max Roofing we strive to be the best roofers in Cheltenham. Our services range and include all types of roof repairs at fair and reasonable prices. Through Max Roofing you will receive an estimation and inspection of your roof to determine what it is that is required to restore, construct, repair, or clean your roof. We deal with the best roofing material out there and work with all types of roofing including tile, asphalt, and metal roofing. We are well-equipped to deal with any and all of your roofing needs.


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We offer our customers roof restoration which can result in many benefits for your home and you. When any severe weather blows through, it threatens to degrade and erode your worn down roof that has experienced years of exposure. Since it’s considered an aspect of roof restoration, we can weatherproof your home so you do not have to fret.

As a quality Cheltenham roofing business, we also offer roof cleaning to our clients. This preventive maintenance allows homeowners to save money on future repairs that are caused when moss, debris, and dirt build up. The build-up on a home’s roof can also have an effect on the sunlight hitting it, which can lead to complications with your air conditioning or heating. A clean roof has many benefits and should not be handled by amateurs.

Another bonus to roofing repairs is roofing services can add value to your home and prevent further damage from occurring. Roof construction and reroofing are also options we offer to our clients. Both options offer clients to become more involved in what they want done to improve and upgrade their roof. We offer many other roofing services as well.

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As a homeowner, you should never have to worry or second guess yourself when it comes to any matter of your house, including your roof. Making sure you trust the person you choose to handle and fix your home is the most important decision as a homeowner. You want someone you are sure will provide excellent and quality service on absolutely every level that counts with the least expense to you.

 You want the best effort put into your home for the money you work hard to make and want to see high-quality results. It’s what you as a customer want and deserve. Max Roofing always offers that quality to you. We can ensure the completion of any of your roof repairs in Cheltenham. With pride in our quality of workmanship and our years of experience, we guarantee that we will provide the best possible roofing for your home.

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We are proud to say that we ensure quality service to all of our customers and make their satisfaction our number one priority. We cover roofing needs all over the Cheltenham area. Don’t settle for less than the best. Take the stress out of roofing and call us today for a free quote on any of your roofing needs.