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Felt and other traditionally used roofing materials are no match for the durability of the GRP flat roofing system .

As suppliers of  GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) waterproofing systems, we at Max Roofing Ltd are completely confident in the brand. As such, we have utilized it on buildings in and around Gloucestershire.

GRP is a polyester material combined with fine fibres of glass for reinforcement, solidified by a catalyst to provide a lasting, watertight laminate.

Our roofing team is experienced in the installation of the system on roofs of all sizes, shapes, and complexities.

The flat roofing system is great for domestic as well as commercial properties whether new or old. This is due to its great versatility and availability in various colours and styles, with one guaranteed to suit your taste and compliment the exterior of your property. It can also be used on extensions, existing roofs, refurbishments, warehouses and other projects.

For added peace of mind,the materials are backed by manufacturer’s guarantee for 20 years.

We invite you to get in touch with us for additional information or any recommendations regarding the flat roofing system and our services. Request your quote now for FREE without obligation.


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