Repairing Roofs in and around Cheltenham


As soon as you realize that your roof is damaged, that’s the time to take action. The longer a roof remains damaged the greater the cost of repair becomes. Call us immediately so we can give you a professional analysis and diagnosis of the problem, its causes, and possible solutions.


Given your consent, we act quickly to control the damage and ultimately repair the problem before further damage to the building occurs or harm comes to other people.


Max Roofing  also offers repair and maintenance services for new buildings and listed properties.


There is no job too small for us. We are experienced in such small repair work as slate repairs, small leaks, single tile replacements, split guttering as well as those larger projects where complete roof collapse may have occurred. Our work is guaranteed to be efficient and convenient with effective communication between you and our team.


We offer the following services:


Emergency roofing repairs – We quickly and professionally solve all your roofing emergencies; from small holes during wet weather to the roof caving in, rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Renovating roofs – We get your roof looking newer for less by making gutter drainage better and replacing worn tiles for a “new roof” look.

Strengthening – Replacing a roof covering with weightier materials, may decrease the stability and make it a potential hazard. We have the correct roof strengthening techniques to make sure of the safe support of the roof’s weight.

Roof tiling repairs – Not only will the correct roof tiles improve the building’s aesthetics but it will keep the building dry, warm and energy efficient.

Repairs to chimneys – Repairs to chimneys are best done as soon as damage is spotted since they are constantly exposed to the elements making them susceptible to weathering.