New Roofs Cheltenham

Although usually the most obvious choice; at times, repairing the roof may not be the most economical option, ultimately. To determine the best option at Max Roofing, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a free consultation where we visit, analyze your roofing needs and detail the options available and involved costs.


Need flat, lean-to or pitched roofs? – We have those too.


Our expertise covers replacing roofs as well as the installation of new ones on extensions and newly built homes.


Pitched Roofing


We roof using tiles, slate, and leadwork.


Choose from a wide variety of available tile types which include but are not limited to clay concrete, Cotswold stone, and interlocking. Our experts are always ready to provide guidance so you can select the best material for your property.


Slate Roofing


Slate roofs are a specialty of ours, so get your new and reclaimed tiles here.


Slate roofs are popular primarily because they fit in with natural surroundings easily. They can also compliment commercial and domestic properties because they vary greatly in colour, finishes thickness, and style.


Slates have a long life and weather well, keeping repair and maintenance costs minimal.