If you are the type who lives in the same neighborhood since your childhood, it could be that your house is already screaming for a new roof. If some of your neighbors have torn their roofs and replaced it with new shingles before selling their home or you find new homeowners near you checking out green roofing options, it may be time to hire Max Roofing for a roofing inspection. Here are some of the top reasons why anyone would need a roofing replacement:

It Looks and Feels Old

No matter what the quality of your roofing system, it is still subject to the elements and to regular wear-and-tear. Experts agree that most roofing systems last between 20-25 years. If you’ve lived in the same house since you were born and don’t remember your folks replacing your roofing system, that is a sure sign you need a new roof installation.

You Have Light Coming Through The Roof

Unless you’ve installed a skylight, having light coming from the rooftop when you dim the upper rooms may signal a weak roof. You may have holes and cracks in your roof that need expert attention. If the cost to repair the damage is at least 50% of a roof installation, most experts would recommend that you have a new roof installation instead. The money you invest in a new roof is sure to make up for the costs of roof repairs you may have to keep getting in the long run. Ask for a roofing pro to check underlying decking as well as insulation which are susceptible to weakening from moisture. You may also check your attic for signs of daylight entering through roof boards.

No, It’s Not Just Rain Water Coming in From the Window

Often, water damage is mistaken for something so light. You may think that rainwater coming in through the window is to blame for watermarks and mildew problems. When you find damp patches in the upper floors of the room, you may think you’re only dealing with damp. In many cases, these are already signs of water damage on your roofing system.

Mold and Moss Growth

If you see signs of rotting or mildew on your roofing, bacteria, and fungi may cause further water damage to your roof. Mold and moss, in particular, can force tiles apart and create a gap that lets in water. Even slight watermarks and mold can mean a hole or crack on your roof that needs to be repaired. Remember that if you’ve delayed roof repairs for quite some time now, a roof replacement may be in order.

Structural Damage Calls for an ASAP Repair

For one, if you have problems with a sagging roof, this is one sure cause for panic. You are dealing with a structural issue, in particular with the support in the foundation. When the damage is still slight, it is easier to deal with. If it progresses and you see your roofing drooping already, it’s time to call in an expert. If you have debris in your gutter, missing shingles, falling mortar or buckling shingles, Max Roofing is the one you have to call.

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