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Are You in Need of new Soffit’s and Fascia’s?

Many times people notice only the more conspicuous features of their home, like windows, doors, and siding. Moreover, soffit and fascia aren’t even in a lot of people’s vocabulary. However, do not fret, Max Roofing has you covered.

What Exactly is Soffit?

The soffit is the underside of a home or building’s overhangs or staircases. The soffit is especially typical in the intrados of an arch. Usually, soffit goes unnoticed because it situated in the underbelly of your roof and goes unseen to increase curb appeal.

That said, the soffit isn’t completely invisible and can be seen from close up or directly under your roof. Most of the time, soffit will match the design and steam of your home siding but can be different according to individual preferences.

The most common materials used in your home’s soffit are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Vinyl is best for those living in the UK, and, more specifically, PVC tends to be the best material to protect your home.

Why is Soffit Important?

The soffit is such a crucial element to your house because it provides necessary ventilation. More precisely, soffit maintains proper airflow in between your attic and your roof. Even though this air-flow may seem strange, adequate ventilation is imperative to your attic so that moisture doesn’t cause mould.

Not only does soffit keep out moisture, but it also helps your home expel heat during summer months.

Finally, soffit serves as protection from critters and creepy crawlers getting inside your home. As many of us know, bees and wasps are very fond of making their homes in the soffit, so regular inspection and proper care are essential.

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So, What is Fascia?

Fascia rests right above the soffit. The fascia is the exposed wood seen on the front of an overhang. The reason that this aspect of your roof can be ignored because this is also where you place gutters. However, fascia is highly visible and very important to the curb appeal of your home.

Similar to the soffit, fascia can be aluminium, wood, or vinyl.

Why is Fascia Important?

Although it may seem insignificant, fascia is not just a long board hanging on the edge of your roof. For one, it offers support for the end titles or shingles on your home.

Another reason that fascia is so important is that it is where you install gutters. Drains are extremely important for maintaining the structural integrity of your home’s roofing system. What’s more, when it rains heavily, gutters can weigh down on the fascia. So, it’s important that your fascia be strong enough to sustain your roof.

fascia is crucial

Finally, fascia is crucial because it’s highly visible and can affect your homes curb appeal. That’s why your fascia should not only be tough but look great as well.

At Max Roofing, we can help maximize your home’s curb appeal by replacing soffit and fascia, or repairing it where needed.





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